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Game Ready Vasopneumatic in Mesa

What is Game Ready?

Game Ready, the original sports injury and post-op recovery device, is revolutionary. It features ACCEL(r), a patented technology that delivers continuous cold and intermittent pneumatic pressure therapies. This allows for the reduction of pain, swelling, muscle spasms, and lymphatic function to increase lymphatic function, stimulate tissue repair, and encourage cellular oxygen supply. Bloom Performance Rehab’s innovative care strategies will provide quick relief.

The systems use a cold pack, or cycles of cold water through a compressive sleeve to treat the affected area via cryotherapy. The sleeve is able to rhythmically inflate and deflate to help “massage” the area affected by the cold treatment. This allows you to receive both cryotherapy and compressive therapy at once. This treatment is ideal for patients with severe injuries or post-surgical patients who have significant tissue effusions. These treatments are affectionately known as the “Freeze & Squeeze” in our clinic.

Different Treatment Options

These are the most popular treatment options:

  • Cold water cycling (through compressive sleeves)
  • Cold Pack (through compressive sleeves)
  • Sleeves rhythmically inflate and deflate

What makes Game Ready so special?

Our physical therapists can treat more than just symptoms with the Game Ready system. This is a breakthrough in non-narcotic pain relief for musculoskeletal injuries and faster healing. It results in better outcomes for patients as well as greater satisfaction for providers.

Who does the Game Ready Vasopneumatic benefit?

Game Ready Vasopneumatic System provides effective cooling and compression for post-operative patients. It can improve function and reduce swelling following total knee replacement. It can also be used in the Enhanced Recovery Program. It is also recommended for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of their knees. It is not recommended for patients suffering from chronic pain or inflammatory joint diseases.

Game Ready combines intermittent compression with cryotherapy to reduce inflammation and improve microcirculation. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It provides deeper cooling and quicker recovery. It is used worldwide by professional athletes and professionals in sports medicine.


Patients should avoid compression therapy (vasopneumatic compression) using Game Ready, or any other compression therapy device.

  • People who are suffering from inflammatory phlebitis (acute) in the region affected
  • Anyone with a history of deep vein thrombosis (or pulmonary embolism) (including prolonged bed rest in the affected area) (to be treated using this therapy).
  • Patients with significant arteriosclerosis and/or other vascular ischemic diseases in the affected area
  • Patients with a condition that prevents lymphatic or venous return from the affected extremity (eg., carcinoma).
  • People who have hypertonia decompensated in the affected area

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Arielle Sterling

I started last year as a physical therapy patient and have continued on to strengthen training this year. Unlike most physical therapy clients, I wasn’t working on an injury, but a long-term issue. With their assistance, I have been able to do things I never thought possible! I love the personalized care I receive at Bloom Performance & Rehab! I would never go anywhere else!

Paul D'Agostino

I have been going to Bloom Performance and Rehab on and off for the past 5 and a half years due to a career-ending work accident requiring multiple surgeries. When I first started seeing Eric he told me that that I had some nerve damage along with the bone and tendon damage. It took approx 20 months and 4 doctors for them to figure out the same thing. Eric and his staff have always been very thorough in my therapy, even going as far as working with my physicians and personal trainer. Eric and his staff are very professional and treat every patient like family. I can’t say enough to recommend Eric and his staff to anyone who needs physical therapy for and reason. My son and daughter have both had great success with their therapy with Eric, too. Again, I highly recommend Bloom Performance and Rehab for their professionalism, knowledge, and outstanding patient care.